High glucose induces autophagy in podocytes.

  title={High glucose induces autophagy in podocytes.},
  author={Tean Ma and Jili Zhu and Xinghua Chen and Dongqing Zha and Pravin C. Singhal and Guohua Ding},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={319 6},
Autophagy is a cellular pathway involved in protein and organelle degradation. It is relevant to many types of cellular homeostasis and human diseases. High level of glucose is known to inflict podocyte injury, but little is reported about the relationship between high concentrations of glucose and autophagy in these cells. The present study demonstrates that high glucose promotes autophagy in podocytes. Rapamycin further enhances this effect, but 3-methyadenine inhibits it. The proautophagic… CONTINUE READING


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