High-frequency ultrasound spectral parameter imaging of anterior corneal scars.

  title={High-frequency ultrasound spectral parameter imaging of anterior corneal scars.},
  author={Ioannis M. Aslanides and Dan Z. Reinstein and Ronald H. Silverman and Douglas R. Lazzaro and Mark J. Rondeau and Henry Rodriguez and Donald Jackson Coleman},
  journal={The CLAO journal : official publication of the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists, Inc},
  volume={21 4},
High frequency (50-MHz) ultrasound allows greater resolution (approximately 30 microns) and improved tissue differentiation of the anterior ocular structures than conventional (8-10 MHz) ultrasonic techniques. Spectral analysis of tissue acoustic backscatter is sensitive to both the concentration and size of tissue inhomogeneities. We studied the healing process of experimentally induced corneal scars using high frequency ultrasound spectral analysis. Scatterer size and concentration parameter… CONTINUE READING