High frequency somatic embryogenesis in Coffea canephora

  title={High frequency somatic embryogenesis in Coffea canephora},
  author={Marc Berthouly and Nicole Michaux-ferri{\`e}re},
  journal={Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture},
Leaf explants of Coffea canephora (P. ex Fr.) produced a friable yellow callus when they were cultured on a conditioning basal medium with 2.2 μM 2,4-D, 2.4 μM IBA and 9.8 μM 2iP for 4 weeks then on an induction basal medium with 4.4 μM 2,4-D and 17.8 μM BA for 10 weeks. This calus could be maintained by means of regular subcultures or it could give rise to somatic embryos depending on the culture medium. Cytological studies documented somatic embryogenesis and embryo development. 
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