High frequency androgenesis from isolated microspores of maize

  title={High frequency androgenesis from isolated microspores of maize},
  author={S. M. Pescitelli and James C. Mitchell and Alan M. Jones and D. R. Pareddy and Joseph F. Petolino},
  journal={Plant Cell Reports},
Anthers from a highly androgenic genotype of maize (139/39-02), when cultured in a modified, liquid YP medium, dehisced within 2–7 days resulting in a stationary suspension of microspores. After 12–15 days, the microspore suspension was found to contain multicellular masses which went on to produce macroscopic embryo-like structures within 20–25 days of culture initiation. Embryogenic callus could be obtained by transferring microspore-derived embryos onto a modified N6 medium supplemented with… CONTINUE READING

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