High frequency SAW devices on AlGaN: fabrication, characterization and integration with optoelectronics

  title={High frequency SAW devices on AlGaN: fabrication, characterization and integration with optoelectronics},
  author={T. Palacios and F. Calle and J. Grajal and E. Monroy and M. Eickhoff and O. Ambacher and F. Omnes},
  journal={2002 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, 2002. Proceedings.},
  pages={57-60 vol.1}
In this paper, the technology and properties of surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices on AlN and GaN films are reviewed. The excellent characteristics of these materials for high frequency applications are demonstrated by the fabrication of SAW filters with central frequencies higher than 2.2 GHz. The thermal behavior of these filters has been analyzed. Finally, the integration of a SAW generator with a metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector is described, showing the important synergy resulting… Expand
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