High-field magnetization study of spin-chain compounds Ca3Co2−xMnxO6

  title={High-field magnetization study of spin-chain compounds Ca3Co2−xMnxO6},
  author={Minzi Ruan and Zhong W. Ouyang and Sixin Sheng and Xin Ming Shi and Yong Ming Guo and J. J. Cheng and Guanghui Rao and Zhao Chen Xia},
Abstract High-field magnetization measurements of spin-chain compounds Ca 3 Co 2− x Mn x O 6 reveal the presence of two metamagnetic transitions within the Mn composition range of x =1.0–0.8. These transitions are associated with spin-configuration changes from zero-field ↑↑↓↓ to ↑↑↓↑, and finally to ↑↑↑↑ along the Co trig –(Co/Mn) oct –Co trig –(Co/Mn) oct spin chain. For x =0.6–0.3, however, the magnetization curve presents a single metamagnetic transition, which can be understood as a… CONTINUE READING