High field Mössbauer effect studies of some anionic iron (IV) dithiochelates

  title={High field M{\"o}ssbauer effect studies of some anionic iron (IV) dithiochelates},
  author={Dimitris Niarchos and Demetrios Petridis},
  • Dimitris Niarchos, Demetrios Petridis
  • Published 1979
  • Chemistry
  • Abstract Three spin triplet anionic iron(IV) dithiochelates have been studied by Mossbauer technique in large magnetic field as well as in absence of applied field. The magnetic and electric hyperfine interactions indicate a t 4 2g electronic configuration for iron. The data are also consistent with a trigonal distortion which together with spin-orbit coupling leaves an orbital singlet ground state in the complexes. Computer fittings of the spectra in large magnetic fields make possible the… CONTINUE READING

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