High fidelity blazed grating replication using nanoimprint lithography

  title={High fidelity blazed grating replication using nanoimprint lithography},
  author={Chih-Hao Chang and Juan Montoya and Mireille Akilian and Andrew P. Lapsa and Ralf K. Heilmann and Mark L. Schattenburg and M. Li and Kathryn A. Flanagan and Andrew P. A Rasmussen and John F Seely and J. Martin Laming and Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich and Leonid I. Goray},
  journal={Journal of Vacuum Science \& Technology B},
We report progress in using nanoimprint lithography to fabricate high fidelity blazed diffraction gratings. Anisotropically etched silicon gratings with 200nm period and 7.5° blaze angle were successfully replicated onto 100mm diameter wafers with subnanometer roughness and excellent profile conformity. Out-of-plane distortion induced by residual stress from polymer films was also analyzed and found to be extremely low. The replicated blazed gratings were tested and demonstrated high x-ray… Expand

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