High-entropy bulk metallic glasses as promising magnetic refrigerants

  title={High-entropy bulk metallic glasses as promising magnetic refrigerants},
  author={Juntao Huo and Lishan Huo and Jiawei Li and He Men and Xinmin Wang and Akihisa Inoue and Chuntao Chang and Jun-qiang Wang and Run-Wei Li},
In this paper, the Ho20Er20Co20Al20RE20 (RE = Gd, Dy, and Tm) high-entropy bulk metallic glasses (HE-BMGs) with good magnetocaloric properties are fabricated successfully. The HE-BMGs exhibit a second-order magnetic phase transition. The peak of magnetic entropy change ( ΔSMpk) and refrigerant capacity (RC) reaches 15.0 J kg−1 K−1 and 627 J kg−1 at 5 T, respectively, which is larger than most rare earth based BMGs. The heterogeneous nature of glasses also contributes to the large ΔSMpk and RC… CONTINUE READING