High-energy Exclusive Leptoproduction of Vector Mesons ⋆

  • Thierry Gousset
  • Published 1996


The physics of diffractive vector meson production in virtual photon nucleon scattering at NMC energies is reviewed. A particular attention is paid to the physical aspects of the reaction and how they influence the observables. The reaction is a good probe to investigate both soft exchange mechanisms and hadronic wave functions. Extension to either HERA or ELFE kinematics is sketched out. 1 Space-time aspect of the reaction The reaction of interest is, within the one-photon exchange approximation, γ∗ + p → V + p, where V is a vector meson (ρ, φ, J/ψ, etc.). It is depicted in Fig. 1. The present review focuses on vector meson production off a proton target. The extension to nuclear targets is of great importance to observe the phenomenon of color transparency. It has also been discussed during the meeting [1]. We are interested in high-energy processes, i.e. when the center of mass energy W = √ (q + p)2 is of the order of 10GeV or more, and in the low momentum transfer region, −t = −(q − q) < 1GeV. In this kinematical domain the strong interaction is predominantly mediated by the pomeron. What are the precise properties of the pomeron and how such an object can emerge from QCD is still under debate, hence the interest of the field. In order to have a simple behavior of the photon, we will also limit ourselves to the region of large Q = −q2, say Q > 2GeV, but small xB = Q/2p.q < 0.1. ⋆ to appear in the proceedings of the workshop ELFE at DESY Preprint submitted to Elsevier Preprint 1 February 2008

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