High-efficiency broadband THz emission via diffraction-radiation cavity

  title={High-efficiency broadband THz emission via diffraction-radiation cavity},
  author={Yosuke Honda and Miho Shimada and A. Aryshev and Ryukou Kato and Tsukasa Miyajima and Takashi Obina and Ryota Takai and Takashi Uchiyama and Naoto Yamamoto},
  journal={Physical Review Accelerators and Beams},
Accelerator-based terahertz (THz) radiation has been expected to realize a high-power broadband source. Employing a low-emittance and short-bunch electron beam at a high repetition rate, a scheme of coherent diffraction-radiation in an optical cavity layout is proposed. The scheme's stimulated radiation process between bunches can greatly enhance the efficiency of the radiation emission. We performed an experiment with a superconducting linac constructed as an energy recovery linac (ERL) test… 
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Stimulated emission of THz coherent diffraction radiation in an optical cavity by a multibunch electron beam

Accelerator-based terahertz (THz) radiation has been expected to realize a highpower broad-band source. Employing a low-emittance and short-bunch electron beam at a high repetition rate, a scheme to

First demonstration of coherent resonant backward diffraction radiation for a quasi-monochromatic terahertz-light source

The experimental results show that the coherent resonant backward diffraction radiation is useful as a quasi-monochromatic light source in the THz band.


We developed ERL main linac cryomodule for Compact ERL (cERL) in KEK. The module consists of two 9-cell 1.3 GHz superconducting cavities. After construction of cERL recirculation loop, beam operation

EDITORIAL: HOW TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE NEWSLETER Second-Harmonic Generation of Sub-Terahertz Gyrotron Radiation by Frequency Doubling in InP:Fe and its Application for Magnetospectroscopy of Semiconductor Structures

 Invited papers (Pages 2,6) • V.V. Rumyantsev, K.V. Maremyanin, A.P. Fokin, A.A. Dubinov, V.V. Utochkin, M.Yu. Glyavin, M. Tani, T. Furuya, J. Afalla, N.N. Mikhailov, S.A. Dvoretskii, V.I.



Coherent THz synchrotron radiation from a storage ring with high-frequency RF system.

The measured CSR spectral intensity enhancement with 2 mA stored current was up to 10,000 times above background for wave numbers near 3 cm(-1) and uncovered strong beam instabilities that must be suppressed if such a very high rf frequency electron storage ring is to become a viable coherent THz source.

Stimulated Excitation of an Optical Cavity by a Multibunch Electron Beam via Coherent-Diffraction-Radiation Process.

With a low emittance and short-bunch electron beam at a high repetition rate realized by a superconducting linac, stimulated excitation of an optical cavity at the terahertz spectrum range is shown.

High-Field High-Repetition-Rate Sources for the Coherent THz Control of Matter

This work presents a new class of sources based on superradiant enhancement of radiation from relativistic electron bunches in a compact electron accelerator that will revolutionize experiments in this field and demonstrate parameters that exceed state-of-the-art laser-based sources by more than 2 orders of magnitude.

Transmission of megawatt relativistic electron beams through millimeter apertures.

Measurements performed using the 100 MeV, 430 kW cw electron beam from the energy-recovering linac at the Jefferson Laboratory's Free Electron Laser facility as it traversed a set of small apertures in a 127 mm long aluminum block yielded a consistent understanding of the beam losses.

Compact high-power terahertz radiation source

In this paper a new type of THz radiation source, based on recirculating an electron beam through a high gradient superconducting radio frequency cavity, and using this beam to drive a standard

Intense Terahertz Synchrotron Radiation by Laser Bunch Slicing at UVSOR-II Electron Storage Ring

A laser bunch slicing system has been constructed at the UVSOR-II electron storage ring to produce a submillimeter-sized microstructure on an electron bunch. As its first result, terahertz coherent

Simple laser accelerator: Optics and particle dynamics.

  • ScullyZubairy
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1991
A lens waveguide array is discussed, and it is shown that such a system could generate high-energy particle beams and the possibility of using a diffraction-free Bessel beam is suggested.

IKNO, a user facility for coherent terahertz and UV synchrotron radiation.

The main characteristics of the IKNO storage and its performance in terms of CSR and incoherent synchrotron radiation are described in this paper.