High-efficiency bragg gratings in photothermorefractive glass.

  title={High-efficiency bragg gratings in photothermorefractive glass.},
  author={Oleg M Efimov and Leonid B. Glebov and Larissa N. Glebova and Kathleen C. Richardson and V. I. Smirnov},
  journal={Applied optics},
  volume={38 4},
Photosensitive silicate glasses doped with silver, cerium, fluorine, and bromine were fabricated at the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers. Bragg diffractive gratings were recorded in the volume of these glasses with a photothermorefractive process (exposure to UV radiation of a He-Cd laser at 325 nm is followed by thermal development at 520 degrees C). Absolute diffraction efficiency of as much as 93% was observed for 1-mm-thick gratings with spatial frequencies up to 2500… CONTINUE READING
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