High-dose fractionated radiation therapy for select patients with brain metastases.


Four patients with metastases to the brain were treated by high-dose fractionated radiation therapy. In all four cases, a complete response and prolonged disease-free survival could be documented. Unlike the standard therapy for such patients (i.e., craniotomy and postoperative irradiation), high-dose fractionated radiation therapy carries no operative risk and can encompass multiple brain metastases and metastases in deep or critical intracranial sites.


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@article{Pezner1981HighdoseFR, title={High-dose fractionated radiation therapy for select patients with brain metastases.}, author={Richard D. Pezner and James A. Lipsett and John O. Archambeau and Robert M Fine and W T Moss}, journal={Radiology}, year={1981}, volume={140 2}, pages={479-81} }