High-dimensional methods for quantum homodyne tomography

  title={High-dimensional methods for quantum homodyne tomography},
  author={Nicola Mosco and Lorenzo Maccone},
  journal={Physics Letters A},

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A detailed experimental analysis of a free-propagating light pulse prepared in a “Schrödinger kitten” state, which is defined as a quantum superposition of “classical” coherent states with small amplitudes, providing an essential tool for quantum information processing.
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Quantum tomography is the process of reconstructing the ensemble average of an arbitrary operator (observable or not, including the density matrix), which may not be directly accessible by feasible
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The possibility of “measuring” quantum states has been already considered by W. Pauli [1], who wrote in a footnote: “The mathematical problem, as to whether for given functions W (x) and W (p), the
Homodyne imaging (2019)
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