High degrees in random recursive trees

  title={High degrees in random recursive trees},
  author={Louigi Addario-Berry and Laura Eslava},
  journal={Random Struct. Algorithms},
For n ≥ 1, let Tn be a random recursive tree (RRT) on the vertex set [n] = {1, . . . , n}. Let degTn (v) be the degree of vertex v in Tn, that is, the number of children of v in Tn. Devroye and Lu [6] showed that the maximum degree ∆n of Tn satisfies ∆n/⌊log2 n⌋ → 1 almost surely; Goh and Schmutz [7] showed distributional convergence of ∆n − ⌊log2 n⌋ along… CONTINUE READING