High-confinement gallium nitride-on-sapphire waveguides for integrated nonlinear photonics.

  title={High-confinement gallium nitride-on-sapphire waveguides for integrated nonlinear photonics.},
  author={Erik Stassen and Minhao Pu and Elizaveta Semenova and Evgeniy Zavarin and Wsevolod V. Lundin and Kresten Yvind},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={44 5},
  • Erik Stassen, Minhao Pu, +3 authors Kresten Yvind
  • Published in Optics letters 2019
  • Physics, Medicine
  • We demonstrate a highly effective nonlinearity of 7.3  W-1 m-1 in a high-confinement gallium nitride-on-sapphire waveguide by performing four-wave mixing characterization at telecom wavelengths. Benefitting from a high-index-contrast waveguide layout, we can engineer the device dispersion efficiently and achieve broadband four-wave mixing operation over more than 100 nm. The intrinsic material nonlinearity of gallium nitride is extracted. Furthermore, we fabricate microring resonators with… CONTINUE READING

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