High available phosphorus corn and phytase in layer diets.

  title={High available phosphorus corn and phytase in layer diets.},
  author={Nesrin Ceylan and Sheila E. Scheideler and H L Stilborn},
  journal={Poultry science},
  volume={82 5},
High available phosphorus corn (HAP) developed using the low phytic acid 1-1 (lpal-1) allele of the corn LPA1 gene containing 0.27% P, with 0.17% nonphytate P (NPP), was compared to near isogenic normal corn (LPA1), which contained 0.23% P and 0.05% NPP. Five levels of NPP from either HAPC or normal corn (0.40, 0.35, 0.30, 0.25 and 0.20% + 300 phytase units (FTU)/kg microbial phytase) were combined in a 2 x 5 factorial experiment for a total of 10 dietary treatments. Each dietary treatment was… CONTINUE READING