High aspect subdiffraction-limit photolithography via a silver superlens.

  title={High aspect subdiffraction-limit photolithography via a silver superlens.},
  author={Hong Fei Liu and Bing Wang and Lin Ke and Jie Deng and Chan Choy Chum and Siew Lang Teo and Lu Shen and Stefan A. Maier and Jinghua Teng},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={12 3},
Photolithography is the technology of choice for mass patterning in semiconductor and data storage industries. Superlenses have demonstrated the capability of subdiffraction-limit imaging and been envisioned as a promising technology for potential nanophotolithography. Unfortunately, subdiffraction-limit patterns generated by current superlenses exhibited poor profile depth far below the requirement for photolithography. Here, we report an experimental demonstration of sub-50 nm resolution… CONTINUE READING
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