High-affinity sodium-vitamin C co-transporters (SVCT) expression in embryonic mouse neurons.

  title={High-affinity sodium-vitamin C co-transporters (SVCT) expression in embryonic mouse neurons.},
  author={Mait{\^e} Xavier F Castro and Teresa Caprile and Allisson Astuya and Carola Mill{\'a}n and Karin Reinicke and Juan Vera and Osm{\'a}n V{\'a}squez and L G Aguayo and Francisco Nualart},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={78 4},
The sodium-vitamin C co-transporters SVCT1 and SVCT2 transport the reduced form of vitamin C, ascorbic acid. High expression of the SVCT2 has been demonstrated in adult neurons and choroid plexus cells by in situ hybridization. Additionally, embryonic mesencephalic dopaminergic neurons express the SVCT2 transporter. However, there have not been molecular and kinetic analyses addressing the expression of SVCTs in cortical embryonic neurons. In this work, we confirmed the expression of a SVCT2… CONTINUE READING
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