High-affinity K+ uptake in pepper plants.

  title={High-affinity K+ uptake in pepper plants.},
  author={M. Angeles Mart{\'i}nez-Cordero and Vicente Mart{\'i}nez and Francisco F. Rubio},
  journal={Journal of experimental botany},
  volume={56 416},
High-affinity K+ uptake is an essential process for plant nutrition under K+-limiting conditions. The results presented here demonstrate that pepper (Capsicum annuum) plants grown in the absence of NH4+ and starved of K+ show an NH4+-sensitive high-affinity K+ uptake that allows plant roots to deplete external K+ to values below 1 microM. When plants are grown in the presence of NH4+, high-affinity K+ uptake is not inhibited by NH4+. Although NH4+-grown plants deplete external K+ below 1 microM… CONTINUE READING

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