High-accuracy optical clock based on the octupole transition in 171Yb+.

  title={High-accuracy optical clock based on the octupole transition in 171Yb+.},
  author={Nils Huntemann and Maxim V. Okhapkin and Burghard Lipphardt and Stefan Weyers and Chr. Tamm and Ekkehard Peik},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={108 9},
We experimentally investigate an optical frequency standard based on the 467 nm (642 THz) electric-octupole reference transition (2)S(1/2)(F=0)→(2)F(7/2)(F=3) in a single trapped (171)Yb(+) ion. The extraordinary features of this transition result from the long natural lifetime and from the 4f(13)6s(2) configuration of the upper state. The electric-quadrupole moment of the (2)F(7/2) state is measured as -0.041(5)ea(0)(2), where e is the elementary charge and a(0) the Bohr radius. We also obtain… CONTINUE READING
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