High-accuracy finite-difference schemes for solving elastodynamic problems in curvilinear coordinates within multiblock approach

  title={High-accuracy finite-difference schemes for solving elastodynamic problems in curvilinear coordinates within multiblock approach},
  author={Leonid Evgenievich Dovgilovich and Ivan L. Sofronov},
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Upwind Summation By Parts Finite Difference Methods for Large Scale Elastic Wave Simulations In Complex Geometries
The results show that the upwind SBP operators are more robust and less prone to numerical dispersion errors on marginally resolved meshes when compared to traditionalSBP operators, thereby increasing efficiency.
Multiblock SBP-SAT Methodology of Symmetric Matrix Form of Elastic Wave Equations on Curvilinear Grids
A stable and accurate finite-difference discretization of first-order elastic wave equations is derived in this work. To simplify the origin and proof of the formulas, a symmetric matrix form (SMF)
A High-Order Finite-Difference Method on Staggered Curvilinear Grids for Seismic Wave Propagation Applications with Topography
We developed a 3D elastic wave propagation solver that supports topography using staggered curvilinear grids. Our method achieves comparable accuracy to the classical fourth-order staggered grid
Stable Symmetric Matrix Form Framework for the Elastic Wave Equation Combined with Perfectly Matched Layer and Discretized in the Curve Domain
A semi-discrete approximation based on ADE CFS-MPML in which the curve domain is discretized using the upwind summation-by-parts (SBP) operators, and where the boundary conditions are enforced weakly using the simultaneous approximation terms (SAT).
Multi‐block finite‐difference method for 3D elastodynamic simulations in anisotropic subhorizontally layered media
Prediction of elastic full wavefields is required for reverse time migration, full waveform inversion, borehole seismology, seismic modelling, etc. We propose a novel algorithm to solve the Navier
Diagonal-norm upwind SBP operators
A new class of high-order summation by parts finite-difference schemes
We develop summation by parts (SBP) approach for generating high-order finite-difference schemes on the interval and propose new sets of schemes up to the 12th order. The coefficients of the schemes
Finite-difference strategy for elastic wave modelling on curved staggered grids
Waveform modelling is essential for seismic imaging and inversion. Because including more physical characteristics can potentially yield more accurate Earth models, we analyse strategies for elastic


High-order FD Method on Curvilinear Grids for Anisotropic Elastodynamic Simulations
We propose a finite difference algorithm for predicting elastic wave fields in tasks of reverse-time migration, full-waveform inversion, borehole seismology, seismic modelling, and others. The method
High-Order Finite-Difference Method to Calculate Wavefields in Anisotropic Media
This paper proposes a method of calculating 3D seismic wave fields for anisotropic elastodynamic equations. Stable finite-difference schemes up to the 8-th order inside the area and up to the 4-th
Lebedev scheme for the numerical simulation of wave propagation in 3D anisotropic elasticity ‡
It is shown that the dispersion condition of the Lebedev scheme is less restrictive than that of the rotated staggered grid scheme, while the stability criteria lead to approximately equal time stepping for the two approaches.
Stable Boundary Treatment for the Wave Equation on Second-Order Form
A stable and accurate boundary treatment is derived for the second-order wave equation using narrow-diagonal summation by parts operators and the boundary conditions are imposed using a penalty method, leading to fully explicit time integration.
A stable finite difference method for the elastic wave equation on complex geometries with free surfaces
A stable and explicit second order accurate finite difference method for the elastic wave equation in curvilinear coordinates is presented. The discretization of the spatial operators in the method
An energy absorbing far-field boundary condition for the elastic wave equation
We present an energy absorbing non-reflecting boundary condition of Clayton-Engquist type for the elastic wave equation together with a discretization which is stable for any ratio of compressional
Multi-block FD Method for 3D Geophysical Simulation with Explicit Representation of Sub-horizontal Interfaces
Prediction of elastic anisotropic full wavefields is required in reverse-time migration, full-waveform inversion, borehole seismology, seismic modelling, and other processes. We propose a novel
The Stability of Numerical Boundary Treatments for Compact High-Order Finite-Difference Schemes
The stability characteristics of various compact fourth- and sixth-order spatial operators are assessed with the theory of Gustafsson, Kreiss, and Sundstrom (G-K-S) for the semidiscrete initial