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High Voltage Generation by Fiber-Coupled Pulsed Laser for a Simple Receiver Circuit Structure

  title={High Voltage Generation by Fiber-Coupled Pulsed Laser for a Simple Receiver Circuit Structure},
  author={Sanghyeon Park and Juan Manuel Rivas-Davila},
Almost all high-voltage dc generation for lowpower applications is done by either electrostatic machines or voltage multipliers. Electrostatic machines use mechanically moving parts to transfer charge and energy from the lowvoltage side to the high-voltage side. Voltage multipliers use capacitive and inductive networks to achieve the same purpose of energy transfer. Considering the pros and cons inherent in those mechanical, capacitive, and inductive energy transfer, a new means of energy… 


A High-Power High-Voltage Power Supply for Long-Pulse Applications
This paper describes a concept and a physical demonstration of a high-efficiency small-size low-cost 100-kV 100-kW high-voltage (HV) power supply (HVPS) designed for long-pulse applications (units of
A Split-Source Multisection High-Voltage Power Supply for X-Ray
A high-voltage power supply for X-ray applications is proposed. In the proposed topology, a direct current input of 150-400 V is switched at high frequency (100 kHz) to generate multiphase
A 100 kW high voltage power supply for dual energy computer tomography applications
Dual energy X-ray computer tomography (CT) offers enhanced imaging and reduced radiation dose. A conventional technique is using two tubes, each energized by its high voltage power supply (HVPS) at
A 120-330V, sub-μA, Optically Powered Microrobotic Drive IC for DARPA SHRIMP
This work presents a 4-channel, mm-scale, electrostatic and piezoelectric actuator driver that uses < 1 μA total quiescent bias current and can drive actuator loads up to 120-330 V at frequencies
The Vacuum-Insulated, Varying-Capacitance Machine
  • S. Philp
  • Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation
  • 1977
The prospects for a varying-capacitance, vacuum-insulated, rotating machine have been examined analytically for the generation of HVDC power. Such a machine offers two potential advantages over
On-chip high-voltage generation in MNOS integrated circuits using an improved voltage multiplier technique
An improved voltage multiplier technique has been developed for generating +40 V internally in p-channel MNOS integrated circuits to enable them to be operated from standard +5- and -12-V supply
High Gain DC–DC Converter Based on the Cockcroft–Walton Multiplier
Recent advancements in renewable energy have created a need for both high step-up and high-efficiency dc-dc converters. These needs have typically been addressed with converters using high-frequency
Lightweight High Voltage Generator for Untethered Electroadhesive Perching of Micro Air Vehicles
The need for application-specific power electronics solutions for electroadhesive perching is motivated, a useful figure of merit is developed for comparing and guiding efforts, and a design methodology of a system implementation is walked through.
Optically Powered Remote Units for Radio-Over-Fiber Systems
Optically powered radio-over-fiber remote units have been designed and constructed for distributed antenna system applications using separate fibers for power and signal transmission. The feasibility