High-Throughput Fabrication and Modular Assembly of 3D Heterogeneous Microscale Tissues.

  title={High-Throughput Fabrication and Modular Assembly of 3D Heterogeneous Microscale Tissues.},
  author={Wenguang Yang and Haibo Yu and Gongxin Li and Yuechao Wang and Lianqing Liu},
  volume={13 5}
3D hydrogel microstructures that encapsulate cells have been used in broad applications in microscale tissue engineering, personalized drug screening, and regenerative medicine. Recent technological advances in microstructure assembly, such as bioprinting, magnetic assembly, microfluidics, and acoustics, have enabled the construction of designed 3D tissue structures with spatially organized cells in vitro. However, a bottleneck exists that still hampers the application of microtissue structures… CONTINUE READING


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