High-Temperature Charge-Stripe Correlations in La_{1.675}Eu_{0.2}Sr_{0.125}CuO_{4}.

  title={High-Temperature Charge-Stripe Correlations in La\_\{1.675\}Eu\_\{0.2\}Sr\_\{0.125\}CuO\_\{4\}.},
  author={Qisi Wang and Masafumi Horio and Karin von Arx and Y L Shen and Deepak John Mukkattukavil and Yasmine Sassa and Oleh Ivashko and Christian E. Matt and Sunseng Pyon and Tomohiro Takayama and Hidenori Takagi and T. Kurosawa and Naoki Momono and M. Oda and Tadashi Adachi and S. M. Haidar and Yōji Koike and Yi Tseng and W. Zhang and J Zhao and Kurt Kummer and Mirian Garcia-Fernandez and Kejin Zhou and N B Christensen and Henrik M. R{\o}nnow and Thorsten Schmitt and J. Chang},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={124 18},
We use resonant inelastic x-ray scattering to investigate charge-stripe correlations in La_{1.675}Eu_{0.2}Sr_{0.125}CuO_{4}. By differentiating elastic from inelastic scattering, it is demonstrated that charge-stripe correlations precede both the structural low-temperature tetragonal phase and the transport-defined pseudogap onset. The scattering peak amplitude from charge stripes decays approximately as T^{-2} towards our detection limit. The in-plane integrated intensity, however, remains… 
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