High-Speed PAM4-Based Optical SDM Interconnects With Directly Modulated Long-Wavelength VCSEL

  title={High-Speed PAM4-Based Optical SDM Interconnects With Directly Modulated Long-Wavelength VCSEL},
  author={Joris Van Kerrebrouck and Xiaodan Pang and Oskars Ozolins and Rui Lin and Aleksejs Udalcovs and Lu Zhang and Haolin Li and Silvia Spiga and Markus-Christian Amann and Lin Gan and Ming Tang and Songnian Fu and Richard Schatz and Gunnar Jacobsen and Sergei Popov and Deming Liu and Weijun Tong and Guy Torfs and Johan Bauwelinck and Jiajia Chen and Xin Yin},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
This paper reports the demonstration of high-speed PAM-4 transmission using a 1.5-<inline-formula><tex-math notation="LaTeX">$\mu$</tex-math></inline-formula>m single-mode vertical cavity surface emitting laser (SM-VCSEL) over multicore fiber with 7 cores over different distances. We have successfully generated up to 70 Gbaud 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-4) signals with a VCSEL in optical back-to-back, and transmitted 50 Gbaud PAM-4 signals over both 1-km dispersion-uncompensated and… 
Multilevel Modulation and Transmission in VCSEL-based Short-range Fiber Optic Links
The introduction of new modulation formats and pre-emphasis are primarily considered in this thesis, and detailed investigation of legacy 25G class VCSELs has shown that devices with moderate damping are suitable for the transition to 4-PAM.
200 Gbps/Lane IM/DD Technologies for Short Reach Optical Interconnects
This article focuses on IM/DD transmissions, and provides an overview of recent research and development efforts on key enabling technologies for 200 Gbps per lane and beyond, and expects high-speed IM/ DD systems will remain advantageous in terms of system cost, power consumption, and footprint for short reach applications in the short- to mid- term perspective.
Kernel mapping for mitigating nonlinear impairments in optical short-reach communications.
The experimental results reveal that the kernel mapping based schemes are able to realize comparable transmission performance as the Volterra filtering scheme even with a high order.
Real-Time 100-GS/s Sigma-Delta Modulator for All-Digital Radio-Over-Fiber Transmission
This work presents a real-time 100-GS/s fourth-order single-bit SDM for all-digital RoF transmission in the high-frequency band without the aid of analog/optical up-conversion and corroborates the strong competitiveness of this SDM-based RoF approach in high- frequencies RoF 5G communication.
Enhancing 5G multi‐band long haul optical fronthaul links performance by magnitude‐selective affine digital predistortion method
Results are presented suggesting that MSA‐DPD method achieves a better performance as compared to CPWL and GMP models with much lesser complexity meeting the 3GPP Release 17 requirements.
Intelligent 2-Dimensional Soft Decision Enabled by K-Means Clustering for VCSEL-Based 112-Gbps PAM-4 and PAM-8 Optical Interconnection
The results indicate significant improvement of the proposed k-means 2D SD without training using prior-known sequences, which can be realized by additional consideration of nonlinearity, level-dependent noise and ISI.
Ultra-Compact Terabit Plasmonic Modulator Array
A new plasmonic transmitter solution offering 0.8 Tbit/s on an ultra-compact 90 µm × 5.5 µm footprint is introduced. It comprises a densely arranged four-channel plasmonic phase modulator array that
Enabling Technologies for Optical Data Center Networks: Spatial Division Multiplexing
This tutorial provides an overview of the components, transmission options, and interconnect architectures for SDM-based DCNs, as well as potential technical challenges and future directions, and covers the co-existence of SDM and other multiplexing techniques, such as wavelength-divisionmultiplexing and flexible spectrumMultiplexing, in optical DCNs.


Single-Mode High-Speed 1.5-μm VCSELs
Single-mode 1.5-μm InP-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) with a 1.5-λ-long semiconductor cavity and two dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs) are presented. The
70 Gbps 4-PAM and 56 Gbps 8-PAM Using an 850 nm VCSEL
We present 56 Gbps unequalized 8-pulse-amplitude-modulation (PAM) real-time transmission over 50 m of multimode fiber and 70 Gbps 4-PAM operation with offline equalization. FEC would be necessary in
Experimental demonstration of large capacity WSDM optical access network with multicore fibers and advanced modulation formats.
The proposed architecture provides additional dimension for high speed mobile signal transmission and it is demonstrated an upstream delivery of 20Gb/s per wavelength with QPSK modulation formats using the inner core of MCF emulating a mobile backhaul service.
Integration of 150 Gbps/fiber optical engines based on multicore fibers and 6-channel VCSELs and PDs
This work study and present photonics integration technologies and optical coupling approaches for multicore transmitter and receiver subassemblies, providing an attractive way to increase the total throughput and the integration density of the interconnections.
726.7-Gb/s 1.5-μm Single-Mode VCSEL Discrete Multi-Tone Transmission over 2.5-km Multicore Fiber
A 107Gb/s net-rate DMT optical signal was generated using a single-mode long-wavelength VCSEL with a modulation bandwidth of 23 GHz. We experimentally demonstrated a total net-rate up to 726.7Gb/s at
7×100 Gbps PAM-4 Transmission over 1-km and 10-km Single Mode 7-core Fiber using 1.5-μm SM-VCSEL
100 Gbps/λ/core PAM-4 transmission is successfully demonstrated over 1-km and 10-km single mode 7-core fiber links, enabled by directly modulated 1.5-μm single mode VCSEL of 23 GHz modulation
Single-VCSEL 100-Gb/s short-reach system using discrete multi-tone modulation and direct detection
  • C. Xie, P. Dong, M. Amann
  • Physics
    2015 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC)
  • 2015
We demonstrate an up to 115-Gb/s line-rate short-reach system using a single 1550-nm VCSEL with discrete multi-tone modulation and direct detection, which can cover 500-m to 4-km standard-single-mode
10 Gb/s Radio-Over-Fiber at 28 GHz Carrier Frequency Link Based on 1550 nm VCSEL Chirp Enhanced Intensity Modulation after 2 km Fiber
10Gb/s, 28GHz radio-over-fiber transmission using a directly-modulated single-mode C-band VCSEL is demonstrated over 2km to extend the fiber-reaches and increase the power budget with 10dB.
High capacity VCSEL-based links
  • D. Kuchta
  • Computer Science
    2017 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC)
  • 2017
▪ Commercial Cloud Servers and High Performance Computing (HPC) need higher data rate short distance links and Optics needs to move to the First Level Package to realize full potential.
Single-mode 1.5-μm VCSELs with 22-GHz small-signal bandwidth
An ultra-short cavity 1.5-μm single-mode directly-modulated VCSELs with record modulation bandwidth of 22 GHz at room temperature operation is demonstrated.