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High Speed Computer and Algorithm Organization

  title={High Speed Computer and Algorithm Organization},
  author={David J. Kuck and Ahmed H. Sameh and Duncan H. Lawrie},


see themselves as Swiss (as opposed to non- Swiss, foreigners, etc.), and appeal to the same values in their arguments and self-justifications. The authors contend that there is a shared use of some

Probabilistic Approach to the Asynchronous Iteration

The result of the simple numerical experiments shows a convergence and efficiency of asynchronous iterative processes for considered nonlinear problems in multiprocessor environment.

Fast Local Tone Mapping, Summed-Area Tables and Mesopic Vision Simulation

HDR imagery can embrace more accurately the wide range of light intensities found in real scenes than its counterpart, low dynamic range (LDR), which are tailored to the limited intensities of display devices.

Linear Least Squares and Orthogonal Factorization

A Banded Spike Algorithm and Solver for Shared Memory Architectures

A banded SPIKE ALGORITHM and solver for SHARED MEMORY ARCHITECTURES are presented for the first time.

Morphological Antialiasing and Topological Reconstruction

This work redesigned the initial method using multiple passes with, in particular, a new approach to line length computation, and introduces in the method the notion of topological reconstruction to correct the weaknesses of postprocessing antialiasing techniques.

Performance Analysis of Parallel Matrix Multiplication Algorithms Used in Image Processing

A two-dimensional adaptive algorithm based on a Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) method will be presented using systolic arrays that is applied in the area of image processing.

Real-Time Photographic Local Tone Reproduction Using Summed-Area Tables

This paper presents a real-time technique for photographic local tone reproduction that runs entirely on the GPU and is significantly faster than existing implementations that produce similar results.