High-Speed 1.3-$\mu\hbox{m}$ p-i-n GaNAsSb/GaAs Waveguide Photodetector

  title={High-Speed 1.3-\$\mu\hbox\{m\}\$ p-i-n GaNAsSb/GaAs Waveguide Photodetector},
  author={M. Zegaoui and Zhengji Xu and N. Saadsaoud and K. H. Tan and W. K. Loke and Satrio Wicaksono and S. F. Yoon and Christiane Legrand and Didier Decoster and Jean Chazelas},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
The authors report the demonstration of high-speed GaNAsSb/GaAs p-i -n waveguide photodetector grown by molecular beam epitaxy technique. A 0.4- m-thick GaNAsSb core layer with 3.3% of N and 8% of Sb for detection wavelength over 1.3 m is sandwiched by GaAs and AlGaAs cladding layers. The device exhibits a record value of cutoff frequency of 16.5 GHz. 


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