High-Sensitivity, High-Resolution Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species Concentration Using NV Centers

  title={High-Sensitivity, High-Resolution Detection of Reactive Oxygen Species Concentration Using NV Centers},
  author={Yoav Ninio and Nir Waiskopf and Idan Meirzada and Yoav Romach and Galya Haim and Shira Yochelis and Uri Banin and Nir Bar-Gill},
  journal={ACS Photonics},
Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond have been demonstrated as useful magnetic sensors, in particular for measuring spin fluctuations, achieving high sensitivity and spatial resolution. These abilities can be used to explore various biological and chemical processes, catalyzed by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Here we demonstrate a novel approach to measure and quantify Hydroxyl radicals with high spatial resolution, using the fluorescence difference between NV charged states… 
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