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High School Open On-line Courses (HOOC): A Case Study from Italy

  title={High School Open On-line Courses (HOOC): A Case Study from Italy},
  author={Enrique Canessa and Armando Pisani},
  journal={The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning},
  • E. CanessaA. Pisani
  • Published 26 June 2013
  • Education
  • The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning
The first implementation of complete high school, open on-line courses (HOOC) aiming to support the training and basic scientific knowledge of young students from the Liceo Ginnasio Dante Alighieri in Gorizia, Italy, is discussed. Using the open source and automated recording system openEyA, HOOC give a student the opportunity to watch on-line, at their own place and own pace, the same lessons of physics and mathematics held in the classroom. It is found that high school students’ have changed… 

MOOC Integration into Secondary School Courses.

We investigated how high school students taking a university preparatory economics course would engage with the learning and assessment components of a Behavioural Economics MOOC that was integrated

Research Trends in K–12 MOOCs: A Review of the Published Literature

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) appeared in the area of educational technologies in 2008. Until 2013, academic research into MOOCs focused mainly on their application to adults as well as

A classroom at home: children and the lived world of MOOCs

This research asks “What is it like for a K-12 school-age child to learn in a massive open online course (MOOC)?” Evidence suggested that a significant number of children are participating in MOOCs

Utilización del audioblog como instrumento formativo y generador de aprendizaje en el aula

This study was conducted at the Faculty of Education in Burgos in the 2013-2014 school year and it analyzes the perception of university students on motivation and social relationships in the

Recording Scientific Lectures with openEyA from the School to the University

The automated recording system EyA is an innovative, open-source system developed to archive lectures of physics and mathematics carried out using either digital presentations or more traditional chalkboards, and its new (html5 with javascript and .mp4 video) interface for mobile devices.

The employer potential of MOOCs: a mixed-methods study of human resource professionals' thinking on MOOCs

While press coverage of MOOCs (massive open online courses) has been considerable and major MOOC providers are beginning to realize that employers may be a market for their courses, research on

Ideals and Virtual Realities

It is described here how to accurately reproduce chalkboard classes for the popular YouTube video platform using OpenEyA-YT and the audience can thus be expanded over continents to help mitigate the effects of physical isolation.


The current Spanish television programs have generated a series of characters that resemble the traditional archetypes of movie genres. A case is that of Belen Esteban, a participant in television

Diseño de un modelo de producción de vídeo-lecciones basado en el Edu-entrenamiento para la formación pedagógica a través de MOOC

espanolEl objetivo de esta investigacion es proponer un modelo de uso de herramientas de edu-entretenimiento para la produccion de video-lecciones en MOOC enfocados en la formacion pedagogica en



Attendance to Massive Open On-line Courses: Towards a Solution to Track on-line Recorded Lectures Viewing

The preliminary findings obtained during a trial period by students watching videos from home and enrolled at University of Pisa in Italy, indicate that the use of Pinvox can be one step towards, not only ensuring the integrity of on-line certification, but also to sustain student attention and memory retention.

Richness,responsiveness and relationship: Using rich media materials to enhance teaching of core concepts

The MSc in the Management of Projects is a successful campus based postgraduate programme in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science at The University of Manchester which attracts up to 300

One year of ICTP diploma courses on-line using the automated EyA recording system

Supporting science in developing countries using open technologies

Efforts are made to provide the necessary capacity and know-how to understand and manage their available information infrastructure with the final goal of supporting their science to allow participation at an international level.

Primacy and Recency Effects on Clicking Behavior

The potential reasons for recency effects, and the implications of serial position effects more generally, are discussed.

The magical number seven plus or minus two: some limits on our capacity for processing information.

The theory provides us with a yardstick for calibrating the authors' stimulus materials and for measuring the performance of their subjects, and the concepts and measures provided by the theory provide a quantitative way of getting at some of these questions.

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2015?

A couple more thoughts on the "top ed-tech trends" that I'm jotting down here (because where else): How might the recent instability of the Chinese economy

How the Brain Learns

Preface to the Fourth Edition Acknowledgments About the Author Introduction 1. Basic Brain Facts 2. How the Brain Processes Information 3. Memory, Retention, and Learning 4. The Power of Transfer 5.

Episodic and semantic memory

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