High-Resolution X-Ray Photoemission Spectrum of the Valence Bands of Gold

  title={High-Resolution X-Ray Photoemission Spectrum of the Valence Bands of Gold},
  author={David Allen Shirley},
  journal={Physical Review B},
High-resolution gold-valence-band photoemission spectra were obtained by the use of monochromatized $\mathrm{Al} K\ensuremath{\alpha}$ radiation and a single-crystal specimen. After background and scattering corrections were made, the results were compared directly with broadened theoretical density-of-states functions. The following conclusions were drawn: (i) Relativistic band-structure calculations are required to fit the spectrum. (ii) Both the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker calculation of Connolly… 

High-resolution photoemission mapping of the three-dimensional band structure of Bi(111)

Angle-resolved photoemission spectra of Bi(111) excited with synchrotron radiation at photon energies from 9 to 100 eV have been used to determine the initial- and final-state band structures along

High-resolution valence-band XPS spectra of the nonconductors quartz and olivine

High-resolution core-level and valence-band x-ray photoelectron spectra (XPS) of the nonconductor silicates, quartz, and two olivines (${[\mathrm{Mg},\mathrm{Fe}]}_{2}\mathrm{Si}{\mathrm{O}}_{4}$, Mg

Electronic Structure and X-Ray Photoemission Spectra of MPtSn (M = Ti, Zr, Hf)

The electronic structures of the half-Heusler isostructural compounds TiPtSn, ZrPtSn and HfPtSn were calculated and measured applying the X-ray photoemission spectroscopy. The (Ti, Zr, Hf)PtSn

Multiplet Splitting in the X-ray Photoemission Spectra of Open-Shell Ions

The photoemission process is characterized by the initial state, consisting of the unperturbed atom, molecule or solid and photon, and the final state comprising the ionized atom and photoelectron. A

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It is shown that X-ray excited KLL Auger electron spectra allow it to describe measured signal strengths similarly to X-ray photoelectron signals, thus offering valuable information on the

Bulk-Sensitive Photoemission Spectroscopy for Heavy-Fermion Pr Compounds Using Hard X-Ray

Bulk-sensitive photoemission spectroscopy using hard x-ray up to h ν=5450 eV has been performed for heavy-fermion Pr compounds. A significant spectral intensity of the |3 d 9 4 f 3 > final state was



The existence of this tail has been establisp

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    The mean depth from which photoelectrons of this energy are ejected without loss from gold is about 2oA