High-Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging of the Powerful Radio Galaxy 3C 324 at z = 1.21 with the Subaru Telescope

  title={High-Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging of the Powerful Radio Galaxy 3C 324 at z = 1.21 with the Subaru Telescope},
  author={Toru Yamada and Masaru Kajisawa and Ichi Tanaka and Toshinori Maihara and Fumihide Iwamuro and Hiroshi Terada and Miwa Goto and Kentaro Motohara and Hirohisa Tanabe and Tomoyuki Taguchi and Ryuji Hata and Masanori Iye and Masatoshi Imanishi and Yoshihiro Chikada and Michitoshi Yoshida and Chris Simpson and Toshiyuki Sasaki and George Kosugi and Tomonori Usuda and Koji Omata and Katsumi Imi},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan},
We have obtained high-resolution K ′ -band images of the powerful z = 1.206 radio galaxy 3C 324 with the Subaru telescope under seeing conditions of 0 ′′ .3–0 ′′ .4. We clearly resolved the galaxy and directly compared it to the optical images obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope. The host galaxy of 3C 324 is revealed to be a moderately luminous elliptical galaxy with a smooth light profile. The effective radius of the galaxy, as determined by profile fitting, is 1.3± 0 ′′ .1 (1.2 kpc… 

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