High Resolution NMR

  title={High Resolution NMR},
  author={William Derbyshire},
Théories Moléculaires de la Résonance Magnétique NucléaireApplications à la Chimie Structurale. Par G. Mavel. Pp. x + 325. (Paris: Dunod, 1966.) 78 francs. 
Monitoring of slow conformational exchange by doubly selective irradiation in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
A new NMR spectroscopic method is described that allows a selective determination to be made of whether two sites are connected by a slow conformational exchange process. An accompanying approximate
Grundlagen der NMR-Spektroskopie
Neben der Masse und Ladung bestimmt eine mechanische Rotation (Spin) die Eigenschaften von Atomkernen. Diese Eigendrehung verursacht die magnetische Eigenschaften der Atomkerne, auf denen das
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of translational diffusion in thermotropic liquid crystals
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of translational diffusion in thermotropic liquid crystals
Shift Reagents in NMR Spectroscopy
Much more information can be extracted from nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of complex molecules if shift reagents are used to separate resonances that would otherwise overlap.
Analysis of experimental NMR absorption bands of polycrystals using the Heuman λ-function
Distributions described by the Bloembergen-Rowland (BR) formula and widely used in NMR of solids for studying polycrystalline samples, which is closely connected with the problem of constructing the
The determination of the NMR gyromagnetic ratio of deuteron in D2O
Results of measurement of the ratio of the nuclear resonance frequencies of deuterons in D2O and of protons in H2O are given. From these measurements the gyromagnetic ratio of deuteron in D2O is
An analysis of NMR spinning sidebands of homonuclear two-spin systems using Floquet theory
NMR spinning sidebands for homonuclear two-spin systems are described using Floquet theory. The variation of asymmetry observed in J-split doublets from sideband to sideband was found to depend on ...
High-field nuclear spin relaxation in liquids and solids
We generalise the standard theory of nuclear spin relaxation to situations in which the Markovian approximation is not applicable. Expressions for generalised frequency- dependent spin relaxation