High-Resolution Multi-Spectral Imaging With Diffractive Lenses and Learned Reconstruction

  title={High-Resolution Multi-Spectral Imaging With Diffractive Lenses and Learned Reconstruction},
  author={Figen S. Oktem and Oguzhan Fatih Kar and Can Deniz Bezek and Farzad Kamalabadi},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging},
Spectral imaging is a fundamental diagnostic technique with widespread application. Conventional spectral imaging approaches have intrinsic limitations on spatial and spectral resolutions due to the physical components they rely on. To overcome these physical limitations, in this paper, we develop a novel multi-spectral imaging modality that enables higher spatial and spectral resolutions. In the developed computational imaging modality, we exploit a diffractive lens, such as a photon sieve… 
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Compressive spectral imaging with diffractive lenses.

A novel compressive spectral imaging technique using diffractive lenses using a coded aperture to spatially modulate the optical field from the scene and a diffractive lens such as a photon sieve for both dispersion and focusing to demonstrate that promising reconstruction performance can be achieved at high compression levels.

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A novel computational photon sieve imaging modality that enables high-resolution spectral imaging and suggests that higher spatial and spectral resolution can be achieved as compared to conventional spectral imagers.

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Spectral Zooming and Resolution Limits of Spatial Spectral Compressive Spectral Imagers

A rigorous discretization model for this architecture is developed, based on a light propagation analysis across the imager, that allows the recovery of spectrally detailed datacubes by physically displacing the mask toward the spectral plane.

Broadband imaging with one planar diffractive lens

This work designed, fabricated and characterized two achromatic diffractive lenses with numerical apertures of 0.05 and 0.18 that can be cost-effectively manufactured over large areas and thereby can enable the wide adoption of flat, low-cost lenses for a variety of imaging applications.

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An image formation model that can predict the perspective projection of dispersion, and a reconstruction method that can estimate the full spectral information of a scene from sparse dispersion information are formulated.

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Analytical Fresnel imaging models for photon sieves.

The analytical image formation models presented in this paper provide a generalizable and powerful means for effective analysis and simulation of any imaging system with a diffractive lens, including Fresnel zone plates, Fresnel phase plates, and other modified Fresnel lenses and mask-like patterns such as coded apertures.