High-Resolution Imaging of Redox Signaling in Live Cells Through an Oxidation-Sensitive Yellow Fluorescent Protein

  title={High-Resolution Imaging of Redox Signaling in Live Cells Through an Oxidation-Sensitive Yellow Fluorescent Protein},
  author={G. Maulucci and V. Labate and M. Mele and Emiliano Panieri and G. Arc{\`o}vito and T. Galeotti and H. {\O}stergaard and J. R. Winther and M. De Spirito and G. Pani},
  journal={Science Signaling},
  pages={pl3 - pl3}
  • G. Maulucci, V. Labate, +7 authors G. Pani
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science Signaling
  • Measure and visualize intracellular changes in redox state. We present the application of a redox-sensitive mutant of the yellow fluorescent protein (rxYFP) to image, with elevated sensitivity and high temporal and spatial resolution, oxidative responses of eukaryotic cells to pathophysiological stimuli. The method presented, based on the ratiometric quantitation of the distribution of fluorescence by confocal microscopy, allows us to draw real-time “redox maps” of adherent cells and to score… CONTINUE READING
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