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High Resolution Hybrid RANS/LES Simulations of Flow Over Surface-mounted Cubes Using a Sixth Order Finite Difference Solver

  title={High Resolution Hybrid RANS/LES Simulations of Flow Over Surface-mounted Cubes Using a Sixth Order Finite Difference Solver},
  author={A. Curley and Mesbah Uddin and Brett Peters},
The veracity of two popular turbulence models in predicting highly separated turbulent flows was evaluated in a study of a single surface-mounted cube and two surface-mounted cubes in tandem for various spacings at a Reynolds number of 22,000. Transient hybrid RANS/LES delayed multi-scale simulations using the k−ω SST model and the Langtry-Menter SST transition model were performed using a sixth-order finite difference compressible code OVERFLOW on overset chimera grids generated using Chimera… 

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