High-Power Laser Thyristors With High Injection Efficiency ( $\lambda =890$ –910 nm)

  title={High-Power Laser Thyristors With High Injection Efficiency ( \$\lambda =890\$ –910 nm)},
  author={Sergey O. Slipchenko and Aleksandr A. Podoskin and Alexsander V. Rozhkov and Nikita A. Pikhtin and Ilya S. Tarasov and Timur A. Bagaev and Maxim A. Ladugin and Aleksandr A. Marmalyuk and Anatoliy A. Padalitsa and Vladimir A. Simakov},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
This letter shows an experimentally studied approach that increases injection efficiency of high-power laser thyristors emitting in the 890-910 nm spectral band. The developed laser thyristors exhibit 43-W maximum peak output power of laser pulses at 95-nm full width at half maximum duration. At the same time, the maximum amplitude of the current pulse… CONTINUE READING