High Points: An Historical Geography of Cannabis*

  title={High Points: An Historical Geography of Cannabis*},
  author={Barney Warf},
  journal={Geographical Review},
  pages={414 - 438}
  • Barney Warf
  • Published 1 October 2014
  • History
  • Geographical Review
Cannabis, including hemp and its psychoactive counterpart, has a long but largely overlooked historical geography. Situating the topic within varied perspectives such as world‐systems theory, Foucauldian biopolitics, and the moral economy of drugs, this paper charts its diffusion over several millennia, noting the contingent and uneven ways in which it was enveloped within varying social and political circumstances. Following a brief theorization, it explores the plant's early uses in East and… 
American Weed: A History of Cannabis Cultivation in the United States
The illegal cultivation of cannabis in the United States has a long history, the weight of which is currently propelling a number of US states to legalize and regulate the plant after more than
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    The British Journal of Criminology
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In the late 1960s, the cause of cannabis law reform briefly rose to remarkable cultural prominence in several Western countries, notably the United Kingdom and the United States. Some 50 years later,
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A systematic review of archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records of cannabis (fibres, pollen, achenes and imprints of achenes) reveals its complex history in Eurasia. A multiregional origin of
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Throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century, economic interests and systemic racism ensured the prohibition of cannabis. Such socio-political implications resulted in the
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Fragmented sovereignty and the geopolitics of illicit drugs in northern Burma
The origins of cannabis smoking: Chemical residue evidence from the first millennium BCE in the Pamirs
Phytochemical analysis indicates that cannabis plants were burned in wooden braziers during mortuary ceremonies at the Jirzankal Cemetery (ca. 500 BCE) in the eastern Pamirs region, suggesting cannabis was smoked as part of ritual and/or religious activities in western China by at least 2500 years ago and that the cannabis plants produced high levels of psychoactive compounds.
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Despite cannabis being the most common illegal drug crop in the world and its worldwide presence, very little is known about its production, trade, and consumption at the global scale. This is due
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To some it's the 'Holy Herb', the healer of nations, the potential saviour of the planet, banned because of a conspiracy involving J. Edgar Hoover's FBI, the petrochemical industry and the yellow
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Cannabis sativa has been used throughout southern and eastern Africa for centuries, yet we know little about its origin, diffusion, and patterns of use. This paper deals with the likely migratory
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There still remains much to be done to clarify the systematics of Cannabis, which has been associated with man for so long, and botanical studies alone are inadequate to ascertain the origin of cultivation.
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Early Diffusion and Folk Uses of Hemp
Despite the growing volume of literature on the subject of hemp, the historical routes of its diffusion remain obscure and there is scant reference to its ubiquitous role in folk ritual, magic and
History of cannabis as a medicine: a review.
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  • Biology
    Revista brasileira de psiquiatria
  • 2006
A new and more consistent cycle of the use of cannabis derivatives as medication begins, since treatment effectiveness and safety started to be scientifically proven.
Before European Hegemony: The World System A.D. 1250-1350
In this portrait of world trade before the age of European Hegemony, Janet Abu-Lughod examines global commercial connections among a large number of cities between the years 1250 and 1350. The work
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Sociocultural and Epidemiological Aspects of Hashish Use in Greece
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