High-Performance VLSI Architecture for SCS Based Montgomery Modular Multiplication

  title={High-Performance VLSI Architecture for SCS Based Montgomery Modular Multiplication},
  author={Bhanu Vaisalini and M. Pradeep},
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In present generation Cryptography plays a crucial role in security purpose. Security comes mostly with three parameters Confidentiality, Integrity and authentication. All these terms are important for a data to be secured. For hardware implementation of this process Montgomery Modular Multiplication is used, for encryption process in public key cryptography. This paper is discussing about the Semi Carry Save based Montgomery Modular Multiplication (SCS-MM2), with high speed performance. In… 


Fast Montgomery modular multiplication and RSA cryptographic processor architectures
New, generic silicon architectures for implementing Montgomery's multiplication algorithm are presented and it is shown that using a four-to-two CSA with two extra registers rather than a five- to- two CSA leads to a useful reduction in the critical path of the multiplier, albeit at the expense of a small increase in circuitry.
Efficient architectures for implementing montgomery modular multiplication and RSA modular exponentiation on reconfigurable logic
Some new architectures are presented, including a pipelined architecture exploiting the maximum carry chain length of the FPGA which is used to implement the modular exponentiation operation required for RSA encryption and decryption.
Efficient hardware architectures for modular multiplication on FPGAs
This paper presents an implementation and comparison of three recently proposed, highly efficient architectures for modular multiplication on FPGAs: interleaved modular multiplication and two variants of the Montgomery modular multiplication, with the main findings that the interleaves multiplication has the least area time product of all investigated architectures.
A staged carry-save-adder array for Montgomery modular multiplication
In this paper, an efficient VLSI architecture to compute the n-bit Montgomery modular multiplication is proposed. By using the staged carry save adder (CSA) array, the computation cycles of addition
Parallelization of Radix-2 Montgomery Multiplication on Multicore Platform
This brief presents an improved task partitioning of the Montgomery multiplication algorithm for the multicore platform with area-efficient processors to verify the efficiency of parallelization.
A method for obtaining digital signatures and public-key cryptosystems
An encryption method is presented with the novel property that publicly revealing an encryption key does not thereby reveal the corresponding decryption key. This has two important
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