High-Performance Oligomeric Catholytes for Effective Macromolecular Separation in Nonaqueous Redox Flow Batteries

  title={High-Performance Oligomeric Catholytes for Effective
Macromolecular Separation in Nonaqueous Redox Flow Batteries},
  author={Koen H. Hendriks and Sophia G. Robinson and Miles N. Braten and Christo S. Sevov and Brett A Helms and Matthew S Sigman and Shelley D Minteer and Melanie S Sanford},
  booktitle={ACS central science},
Nonaqueous redox flow batteries (NRFBs) represent an attractive technology for energy storage from intermittent renewable sources. In these batteries, electrical energy is stored in and extracted from electrolyte solutions of redox-active molecules (termed catholytes and anolytes) that are passed through an electrochemical flow cell. To avoid battery self-discharge, the anolyte and catholyte solutions must be separated by a membrane in the flow cell. This membrane prevents crossover of the… CONTINUE READING
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