High Performance Mach–Zehnder-Based Silicon Optical Modulators

  title={High Performance Mach–Zehnder-Based Silicon Optical Modulators},
  author={David J. Thomson and Frederic Yannick Gardes and Sheng Liu and Henri Porte and Lars Zimmermann and Jean-Marc Fedeli and Youfang Hu and Milos Nedeljkovic and Xin Yang and Periklis Petropoulos and Goran Z. Mashanovich},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics},
Silicon photonics is poised to revolutionize several data communication applications. The development of high performance optical modulators formed in silicon is essential for the technology to be viable. In this paper, we review our recent work on carrier-depletion silicon Mach-Zehnder-based optical modulators which have formed part of the work within the U.K. Silicon Photonics and HELIOS projects, as well as including some recent new data. A concept for the self-aligned formation of the p-n… CONTINUE READING
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