High-Nuclearity Heterometallic tert-Butylethynide Clusters Assembled with tert-Butylphosphonate.

  title={High-Nuclearity Heterometallic tert-Butylethynide Clusters Assembled with tert-Butylphosphonate.},
  author={Guang-Xiong Duan and Yun-Peng Xie and Jun-Ling Jin and Lipiao Bao and Xing Lu and Thomas C. W. Mak},
  volume={24 26},
tert-Butylphosphonic acid and lanthanide precursors were employed to construct two high-nuclearity hybrid silver(I)-ytterbium(III) phosphonate clusters: compound 1 consists of a Ag16 ethynide cluster fused with a trinuclear hydroxoytterbium phosphonate cluster, whereas compound 2 is composed of two Ag16 ethynide clusters bridged by a hexanuclear oxo/hydroxoytterbium phosphonate cluster. Using transition-metal-substituted lacunary polyoxotungstates in place of the lanthanide reactant, new… Expand
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