High-Mobility Field-Effect Transistor Using 2Dimensional Electron Gas at the LaScO3/BaSnO3 Interface

  title={High-Mobility Field-Effect Transistor Using 2Dimensional Electron Gas at the LaScO3/BaSnO3 Interface},
  author={Hyeon-Su Cho and Dowon Song and Youjung Kim and Bongju Kim and Kookrin Char},
A novel 2-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) system with high-mobility was discovered at the interface of two perovskite oxides, a polar orthorhombic perovskite LaScO3 (LSO) and a nonpolar cubic perovskite BaSnO3 (BSO). Upon depositing the LSO film on the BSO film, the conductance enhancement and the resulting 2DEG density (n2D) was measured. Comparing the results with the previously reported LaInO3/BaSnO3 (LIO/BSO) polar interface, we applied the “interface polarization” model to the LSO/BSO… 

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  • Medicine, Materials Science
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