High Linearity and High Gain Performance of N-Polar GaN MIS-HEMT at 30 GHz

  title={High Linearity and High Gain Performance of N-Polar GaN MIS-HEMT at 30 GHz},
  author={Pawana Shrestha and Matthew Guidry and Brian Romanczyk and Nirupam Hatui and Christian Wurm and Athith Krishna and Shubhra S. Pasayat and Rohit R. Karnaty and Stacia Keller and James F. Buckwalter and Umesh K. Mishra},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
Though GaN HEMTs have primarily been used for power amplification, they are also well suited for receiver applications. In the front-end of receivers, non-linearities, in particular third-order intermodulation products lead to in-band signal distortion. The intermodulation distortion is primarily dominated by transconductance and its derivatives. In this paper, we report on N-polar GaN MIS-HEMTs able to simultaneously achieve high gain (12.7 dB) and excellent linearity performance (OIP3/ $\text… Expand

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