High Kerr optical nonlinearity observed in a liquid crystal by Z-scan technique

  title={High Kerr optical nonlinearity observed in a liquid crystal by Z-scan technique},
  author={R. B. Dominguez-Cruz and A. Padilla-Mijares and A. L. M{\'e}ndez-P{\'e}rez and Gerardo Romero-Galv{\'a}n and Marco A. Panduro-Mendoza and Ruben Ramos-Garcia},
  booktitle={Symposium on Optics in Industry},
In this paper we present the preliminary experimental results about the measuring of Kerr optical nonlinearity in a 5CB liquid crystal sample doped with methyl-yellow at 1%. These results are obtenided througth Z-scan tecnhique using a simple low power He-Ne laser in CW operation. We observe a great negative Kerr nonlinearity in the sample obtained in the regime temperature of nematic phase. For upper temperature, we observe a notable decreasing of the optical nonlinearity due to sample… CONTINUE READING

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