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High-Frequency Tunable Resistorless Memcapacitor Emulator and Application

  title={High-Frequency Tunable Resistorless Memcapacitor Emulator and Application},
  author={Pratik Kumar and Sajal K. Paul},
In this paper, a new design has been proposed for the realization of high-frequency memcapacitor emulators built with three OTAs. This paper also proposes the application of memcapacitor as an amplitude modulator. Furthermore, applications of memcapacitor as a filter, Oscillator point attractor, and periodic doubler are also shown. The proposed circuits can be configured in both incremental and decremental topology. The proposed circuits and their application claim that the circuit is much… 


Small signal model of memcapacitor-inductor oscillation circuit
  • S. YenerR. Mutlu
  • Computer Science
    2017 Electric Electronics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineerings' Meeting (EBBT)
  • 2017
A memcapacitor-inductor oscillation circuit is examined using simulations and also its small signal equivalent circuit is obtained using perturbation theory since such a circuit does not have an exact solution.
Design of a memcapacitor emulator based on a memristor
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The paper highlights a way to introduce memristive components into the filter circuit. In light of memristor and memcapacitor, a novel low pass filter circuit (LPF) is presented. First, inspired by
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Recently, many promising applications are oriented towards the new memristive elements. But since these elements are not commercially available yet, the memristive elements emulators are very
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This paper validates the concept using two series Memcapacitors in general which is applicable for a capacitor and memcapacitor as well and introduces the necessary conditions for oscillation, and a generalized closed-form expression for the oscillation frequency.
Expandable Circuits of Mutator-Based Memcapacitor Emulator
It is shown that the memcapacitor circuits can be built only with memristors together with a single mutator, which is connected after each input source, where the connectivity and interoperability are the main concern.
Circuit Elements With Memory: Memristors, Memcapacitors, and Meminductors
It is argued that capacitive and inductive elements, namely, capacitors and inductors whose properties depend on the state and history of the system, are common at the nanoscale, where the dynamical properties of electrons and ions are likely to depend upon the history ofThe system, at least within certain time scales.
Solid-state memcapacitive device based on memristive switch
This article describes the implementation of a solid-state memcapacitor based on combination of a memristor and traditional metal–insulator–metal capacitor. A device with an area of 5 &mgr; m × 5
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A synthesis of mutators is described which transform the emulated memristor into memcapacitor and meminductor and preserve the unambiguous constitutive relations of these elements, which are derived from the constitutive relation of the Memristor.
A Universal Mutator for Transformations Among Memristor, Memcapacitor, and Meminductor
A universal mutator for transformations among memristor, memcapacitor, and meminductor by making use of only three off-the-shelf active devices is proposed.