High Energy Electron Confinement in a Magnetic Cusp Configuration

  title={High Energy Electron Confinement in a Magnetic Cusp Configuration},
  author={Jaeyoung Park and N. A. Krall and P. Sieck and D. Offermann and Michael Skillicorn and Andrew Sanchez and Kevin Davis and E. Alderson and G. Lapenta},
  journal={arXiv: Plasma Physics},
We report experimental results validating the concept that plasma confinement is enhanced in a magnetic cusp configuration when beta (plasma pressure/magnetic field pressure) is order of unity. This enhancement is required for a fusion power reactor based on cusp confinement to be feasible. The magnetic cusp configuration possesses a critical advantage: the plasma is stable to large scale perturbations. However, early work indicated that plasma loss rates in a reactor based on a cusp… Expand

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