High-Capacity Space-Division-Multiplexed DWDM Transmissions Using Multicore Fiber

  title={High-Capacity Space-Division-Multiplexed DWDM Transmissions Using Multicore Fiber},
  author={Benyuan Zhu and J. M. Fini and M. F. Yan and Xiang Liu and Sethumadhavan Chandrasekhar and T. F. Taunay and Michael Fishteyn and E. M. Monberg and F. V. Dimarcello},
  journal={Journal of Lightwave Technology},
We describe a new multicore fiber (MCF) having seven single-mode cores arranged in a hexagonal array, exhibiting low crosstalk among them and low loss across the C- and L-band. In order to spatially multiplex and demultiplex optical signals in and out of the MCF, we designed and fabricated a tapered MCF connector (TMC) with ultralow crosstalk and loss for space-division-multiplexing (SDM) transmission. The key crosstalk properties of MCF, including wavelength and distance dependence crosstalk… CONTINUE READING
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