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High-$T_c$ ternary metal hydrides, YKH$_{12}$ and LaKH$_{12}$, discovered by machine learning

  title={High-\$T\_c\$ ternary metal hydrides, YKH\$\_\{12\}\$ and LaKH\$\_\{12\}\$, discovered by machine learning},
  author={Peng Song and Zhufeng Hou and Pedro Baptista de Castro and Kousuke Nakano and Kenta Hongo and Yoshihiko Takano and Ryo Maezono},
The search for hydride compounds that exhibit high Tc superconductivity has been extensively studied. Within the range of binary hydride compounds, the studies have been developed well including data-driven searches as a topic of interest. Toward the search for the ternary systems, the number of possible combinations grows rapidly, and hence the power of data-driven search gets more prominent. In this study, we constructed various regression models to predict Tc for ternary hydride compounds… Expand

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