High–Level ATP Production by a Genetically–Engineered Candida Yeast

  title={High–Level ATP Production by a Genetically–Engineered Candida Yeast},
  author={Yasuyoshi Sakai and Tomohiro Rogi and Tetsu Yonehara and Nobuo Kato and Yoshiki Tani},
Previous studies of ATP production with the methylotrophic yeast,Candida boidinii, suggested that the phosphorylation of AMP catalyzed by adenylate kinase (ADK) was rate–limiting. To investigate whether the enhancement of ADK activity in C. boidinii cells would improve ATP productivity, the Saccharomyces cererisiae ADK1 gene encoding ADK was expressed in C. boidinii under the C. boidinii AOD1 promoter. Methanol–induced transformants had 10,000–fold enhanced levels of ADK activity and produced… CONTINUE READING